Manana Natya Sanstha was born in the year 1979 with its headquarters at Bhubaneswar, the temple city of India. It was the outcome of the creative thoughts of the present president Manoj Pattanayak and present Secretary Niranjan Sahu along with a group of devoted theatre workers with an objective to revive and rejuvenate the theatre culture of Odisha which was degenerating due to heavy onslaughts of Cinema and Video.

Manana Natya Sanstha used to depict the rich traditional culture of Odisha and the varieties of folk styles in most of its plays. Manana Natya Sanstha has been persistently keeping pace with the day to day developments in the world of theatre and using various forms of performing arts not only with the aim of upholding the rich cultural heritage of the State but also to popularize them as and when the sequences of the play so demand. The team always has attempted and succeeded to project the plight of the common man in general and the middle class people in particular through its plays.

Manana Natya Sanstha has not only contributed to the theatre field of the State, it has also promoted the actors, actresses,directors and backstage artists by providing them the required platform.The long cherished dream of Manana Natya Sanstha is to dedicate itself for the cause of enriching the theatre movement and to promote socio-cultural awakening among the mass.